Why Is ‘The Missing Link’ Still Missing?

After scientists and science enthusiasts spent millions on searching the missing link and pouring thousands of manhours into it, eventually, we have discovered that humans have not evolved from existing ape species. It is just that millions of years ago humans and primates were the same species. There has never been a species that linked humans to existing ape species.

How genetically diverse are humans?

Evolutionary theory does not say any given species can evolve into totally different species. Evolution is about the accumulation of slight changes in new generations of species.
Depiction of Gene Mutation

What Is Mutation?

The English biologist discovered the fact that species better adapt to their environment over time by developing, modifying, repurposing, and losing inheritable characteristics. However, Darwin did not understand the mechanism behind how species change. What Darwin did not know was genes and subsequently their mutation.

Is an At-Home DNA Test an Ideal Gift?

For highly personalized gifts, at-home genetic testing kits that promise to fill in family tree branches or reveal cancer-linked gene mutations can be hard to beat. These kits, which allow consumers to mail in a saliva sample and have their DNA sequenced, sold at unprecedented rates in 2017.  

Four Roles DNA Must Play in Cells

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is a long-chain molecule that plays a central role in life on earth. The information encoded in strands of DNA controls the genetic makeup of organism

Layman’s Guide to Understanding DNA

In 2003, the Human Genome Project successfully mapped the entire sequence of genes in human DNA. Since then, DNA and genetic testing have been all over the news, and the science behind it can leave your head spinning if you’re not familiar with what DNA is or how it works.

Basics: Genes, Cells, and Signaling

By studying the mechanisms of the way genes work scientists are developing new tests and treatments that can combat disease in completely new ways. Genetics is being called ‘the new frontier of medicine’.

Who were the Neandertals?

Human evolution expert Prof Chris Stringer has studied Neanderthals his entire career. Here, he tells us what scientists have uncovered about the lifestyle of these early humans, their distinctive characteristics and what they were like.