Who Was Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin is the first human who made people aware of their place in the evolutionary process, which directly or indirectly helped develop many scientific and humanist ideas

Evolution of Danish Protest Pig

Under occupation, Danish farmers were banned from raising their home country’s flag. In protest against the Danish flag ban, Danish farmers came up with an ingenious idea: The farmers would raise a new pig breed. The Danish Protest Pig was born.

Why Aren’t Apes Evolving into Humans Anymore?

Apes are not evolving into humans anymore. Does this mean that the school of thought born with Charles Darwin’s book “Descent of Man” published in 1871 was just a fallacy? Should scientists officially issue an acceptance to the Bible’s account of genesis? Or can it be that humans did not evolve from apes?

Evolution in Our Daily Lives

World Health Organisation estimates worldwide there are 1 billion cases of influenza annually. We catch the flu, recover from it, but we are not off the hook, we can catch the flu again.