Guidelines for Divine Atheist Contributors

Guidelines for Divine Atheist Contributors

Hey Divine Atheists,

I’d like to thank you for your amazing contribution in Divine Atheist and have a favor to ask.

To keep Divine Atheist a pleasant space we need your help by regarding the attached guidelines:

Not least of all, please bear in mind that your audience is everyone. Insulting the questioner equates to insulting anyone with the question.

If you have any suggestion or concern, please message me or other mods.

Once again, thank you.



  • Please elaborate in your answers to closed ended questions in full sentences. No one cares what you and I think unless we explain ourselves.
  • Some questions may seem ill-informed and offensive to you. Please don’t let such questions get to you and focus on the questions, not the questioners. Usually, those offending questions, whether we like them or not, will be in many people’s minds.
  • Some questions may look simplistic, loaded or troll, however, often times those questions reference to stereotypes about atheists that people genuinely have in their minds. Please use the opportunity to explain atheism and atheists.
  • There are times a sarcastic answer tells a thousand words. However, too often use of sarcasm gets boring quickly. Please use sarcasm as a tool reservedly.
  • Please steer clear of personalizing the topics with phrases like “your God”, “your book”, “your religion”. Using such phrases will be rendered as personal attacks.

Also Imortant

  • Please obey the basic grammar rules such as starting sentences with capital letters and capitalizing proper nouns, months, days and holidays.
  • Try to keep the first paragraph of your post max 2-3 lines, and the others max 3-4 lines. Long paragraph are overwhelming for many people, and they tend to skip those posts.
  • Please capitalize “God” where necessary.