Evolution of Danish Protest Pig

Under occupation, Danish farmers were banned from raising their home country?s flag. In protest against the flag ban, farmers came up with an ingenious idea. The farmers would raise a new pig breed in protest.

Flag of Denmark since the 13th century.

Danish Protest Pig, officially called The Husum Red Pied, is a rare breed of domestic pig that originates from the Jutland Peninsula which is a territory of the German Republic today.

Danish protest pigs emerged in response to the Danish flag ban for Danes living in the Jutland Peninsula, under the rule of the Prussian Kingdom. Danish farmers were not allowed to display their flags, so they displayed their protest pigs.


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Danish Protest Pigs
Danish Protest Pigs

The Jutland Peninsula Danes caught on the wrong side of the border-dispute were especially upset by one of the new rules instated by the Prussian administration: Danes were not allowed to raise their flags.

Like most farmers, Danish farmers in the embattled region were no strangers to the domestication of animals, and plants. Subsequently, they came up with an ingenious idea to protest the suppression of their national identity.: They would create a new breed of pig that resembled their beloved Danish flag.

Over the decades, farmers? crafty program of crossbreeding between multiple other pig breeds, and artificial selection slowly produced the pig breed that they had had in mind.

The breed of pig that the Danish farmers created had eventually become a symbol of the Jutland Peninsula Danes? cultural identity. The pig remotely resembled the Danish flag, thanks to its red color, broad white vertical belt, and a trace of a white horizontal belt resembling the colors of the flag of Denmark.


Today, the Husum Red Piedis is, unfortunately, an endangered breed, with less than 200 Danish protest pigs remaining. On the bright side, the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein supports the preservation of the breed for its cultural value.

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